Cam Newton, an American football player who plays in the NFL for New England Patriots from over 10 years, is an exceptionally wealthy man by all standards. With featuring multiple times in the Forbes Highest paid athlete list, he has a net worth of a whopping $75million. His hard work made him stand at rank 25 of the Insider’s List of one of the highest-paid quarterbacks.  What contributes to his massive net worth are the NFL contracts, investments he made and endorsements.

In the very first rookie deal of Cameron Jerrell Newton with the Carolina Panthers, the athlete signed a 4 year deal of $22million. Before the start of the 2015 NFL season, he signed an extension contract of 5 years with the Carolina Panthers worth $103 .8 million. The athlete has an annual average salary of $5.1 million, and in his decade, his attainment from salaries only amounted to enormously $122.5 million in the League. During 2015, CAM’s earning was the highest of that season, amounting $24 million which includes an incredible $15.5 million as signing bonus. Being a very popular athlete, Newton earned tens of millions just from endorsements. He made deals with various major brands after his selection in NFL 2011 such as Under Armour, which earned him $12 million (according to Forbes), Gatorade, Blek, Danon and Beats by Dre. Though he lost his endorsement deal with a large yoghurt brand “DANON” after he made a sexist remark in a press conference, despite such incidence, this man continued to earn millions and millions through advertisements and sponsorships.

In the year 2013, Cameron Jerrell Newton launched his clothing line of men’s apparel named MADE by Cam Newton, in partnership with BELK, a departmental store chain. In 2016, he invested in DANA White’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) venture known as UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship and was one among top athletes and celebrities to invest in it. Also, in the same year, he earned from his show “All in with Cam Newton” which was aired on Nickelodeon on 3rd June and ended in November after 20 episodes. In his show, Cam brought various experts as mentors to teach and help children how to fulfil their dreams.  Not only this, but the athlete also owns a Cigar Bar and restaurant called “FELLASHIP” in his hometown, Atlanta and is earning great from this. CAM’s network also includes earnings from his Youtube Channel which he launched in 2018 and has approximately 482K subscribers.


The athlete faced a lot of hurdles during his career. He had gone through fractures and surgeries numerous times. In January 2019, he underwent surgery on his right shoulder, but later that year, his left foot fractured. Panthers placed CAM on reserve in November 2019. On 24th March 2020, the team released him and Newton signed with the New England Patriots after 3 months. It is said that the athlete will become an “Unrestricted free agent” in 2022.

Cameron Jerrell Newton, father of seven children is a devout Christan. He has won many awards during his career and the race is still going on. The athlete is also known by the name “Super Cam”. The kind-hearted athlete has donated above $5 million in grant funds. He has opened a foundation known as the “Cam Newton Foundation” in 2012.


Newton, a 32 years old athlete, currently playing with New England Patriots is at a very interesting stage in his National Football League (NFL) career. Though, it is shadowy if the player still has a long term career as a starting quarterback, but what if his role shifts to that of a backup quarterback. No matter what happens, it is the time that will tell, but the thing which is confirmed is that Cameron Jerrell Newton will never suffer financially as he is a well-known personality and has a lot to do in his life.